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I’ve always been a pretty good reader, getting into the highest reading class in first grade, and I enjoyed reading books. Then comes third grade. My family had moved states, and I just wasn’t that into reading anymore. I went from being in the highest reading group to next to last reading group. Which was fine with me. I actually learned, unlike in that other reading group where they had the kids act out Hamlet.

Fast forward to fourth-grade, and I had the weirdest and craziest teacher ever. He forced everyone regardless of reading level to use the ‘whisper phones’. Which was just some PVC in the shape of a phone. I then hated reading in fourth grade.

In fifth grade, my family moved during the middle of the year and I started to get back into reading. We then had to take these things called ‘Accelerated Reading Tests’, or ‘A.R. Tests’ for short. I hated taking them, but if you got enough points based on your reading level you got to go to a party.

In sixth grade, I was getting back into the hang of reading and was starting to enjoy it again. Still hated the A.R. Tests. In seventh-grade all I was doing was reading, and my Language Arts teacher hated it. In eighth grade, it was common knowledge in my class that I had the highest reading score out of everyone, as I was supposed to be reading college level books. Which I ignored as they didn’t interest me. I was reading books so fast and taking A.R. Tests daily during free time that my teacher eventually gave me the password for the website so I would quit bugging him. I eventually learned that he could have been suspended for it. Which I thought was stupid. I never told anyone the password and didn’t change anything on the website.

In ninth grade, I eventually drifted to writing my own stories, but I still constantly read. Only in my AG Science class. That teacher was a menace. Accusing my class of stealing a scale for drugs, or taking this or that. She was pregnant, which I think influenced some things. We weren’t allowed to do labs, so the only thing I could do was read. Well, we had to do this ‘mouse trap car’. While it was supposed to be partners I did all the work, and the day of the ‘testing’ I realized a design flaw and was working on that instead of running the car. She marked everyone who wasn’t ‘ready’ with F’s. Next was doing a packet on what we learned, blah, blah, blah. I did the packet myself and turned it in. When my mom checked my grades she saw that I had an F and that the packet was missing.

Parent-Teacher Conference was coming up, and my mom postponed my conference to talk to the science teacher. I had never seen my mom so upset. Telling the teacher that she had terrible class control. The teacher countered saying that I was reading while she was teaching. My mom countered back that at least I was doing something since she wasn’t teaching just yelling at the class. I was eventually allowed to redo the packet. I finished it and turned it in. The teacher then found my original packet and I had done better on the original, but she took the new packets score and placed it in the grade book. I was so happy when she left for maternity leave and could actually learn.

She stopped my love for reading until my senior year. I would not pick up a book at all, which was sad as I missed out on a lot of good books. Now I read books pretty regularly, and I write as well. So I can create stories where the character doesn’t get in trouble for reading in class.

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