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(I work for a large motor insurance company. This conversation takes place first thing on a monday morning. Our letter heads have been printed with an error stating that our phones are open until 5pm on Sundays when they actually close at 4pm. A customer has called to complain about not being able to get through our phone system to renew his policy on the Sunday)
Customer: I was on hold for over half an hour that morning. I figured I’d call later on. I called at 10 past 4 but it turns out you close at 4pm!
Me: Oh I’m so sorry you weren’t able to get through sir.
Customer: I don’t care if you’re sorry. I have letters here that say you should have been open till 5pm! Did you all just bunk off early? I had to make a payment!
Me: Sir I’m really sorry.
Customer: No you’re not.
Me: *trying to ignore this comment* There’s been a printing error on our letters so a large batch have gone out with the wrong closing times on them.
Customer: I don’t want excuses! You’re letters say your open till 5pm so why was no one there? It’s beyond ridiculous!
(It took about 10 minutes more of him shouting and making remarks about how “I wasn’t sorry enough” before I got to trying to take his renewal payment only to come across another problem.)
Me: I’m sorry sir but it looks like your policy automatically cancelled last night when payment wasn’t received.
Customer: What!?
Me: Yes sir and I’m afraid the only people with the authority to reinstate the policy aren’t in the office at the moment.
Customer: How dare you! What right do you people have to cancel my policy!?
Me: Sir it’s an automatic function in our systems. Yesterday was the last day you had to pay the renewal price.
Customer: I couldn’t get through to anyone! What right do you have to cancel my policy! You people had no right! None.
Me: It’s an automatic function in our computer system sir it’s not as if we looked you up and cancelled it ourselves.
Customer: You still shouldn’t have cancelled it! You had no right! I couldn’t speak to anyone on Sunday!
Me: Sir, I actually see from our notes that you spoke to us on Saturday about getting a better price for your renewal. We even knocked off £70 but you rejected it and told us you were going elsewhere. You were also told that your policy would be cancelled if you didn’t make this payment before your renewal date.
Customer: So you cancelled it on Saturday!? I had until Sunday!
Me: No sir that’s not what I’m saying, your policy was still active yesterday.
Customer: You had no right! No one told me! I couldn’t get through! You can’t just cancel my policy. I’ll be taking this up with the ombudsmen! Put my policy back up!
Me: Your perfectly within your rights to do so sir but I can’t do anything at this moment. The best I can do is pass it on to my superiors when they get in and get back to you later about reinstating your policy.
Customer: How long will that take?
Me: well I would hope they could get it sorted today for you but it can take up to 72 hours.
Customer: That’s beyond ridiculous! 72 hours! I need my insurance! Get your supervisor now.
Me: Sir I’m afraid my current supervisor doesn’t even have the authority to do this for you and he’s not available to speak to customers at the moment anyway.
Customer: We’ll you’re utterly useless and you need to make this right! You shouldn’t have cancelled it in the first place.
Me: Sir our computers cancel policies automatically when payment hasn’t been received by the renewal date.
Customer: Don’t argue with me. You should have known I wanted to pay.
Me: but you told us you were going elsewhere for insurance.
Customer: I said don’t argue with me!
(In the end I got him to hang up after several more minutes trying to apologise, explaining and filing a complaint on his behalf. The call took 40 minutes in total. My superiors were able to reinstate him that very day and gave him £30 in compensation. We warn our customers 3 weeks in advance to pay their renewal price so it still boggles my mind that this guy would reject a discounted price the day before his renewal and then think it’s fine to leave something so important to the last minute.)