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(I’m at a well known sandwich chain. shopping for my lunch. I have observed one of the staff members who is making sandwiches handle meat, dairy and fish products with the same gloves. As someone who does not eat meat, I find this quite upsetting. He gets ready to serve me.)

Me: “I would like a tuna salad on wholemeal please, but can you change to fresh gloves first please!”

Server: “It is okay, sir, it is all Halal.”

(This cannot be true since several of the meat products are pork based which cannot be Halal. I was going to let the whole thing slide with just a change of gloves but his attitude has upset me further.)

Me: “Actually, pork which you have handled is not Halal, in addition I don’t eat meat so it’s irrelevant if its halal or not. So can you put on fresh gloves?”

Server: “Honestly, I’ve touched everything now so what does it matter?”

(Several other people in the queue have been listening and start to chip in about quality control and food standards. Eventually a manager comes out to see what the fuss is. I eventually explain to him what took place. He apologizes profusely and offers to make my sandwich for free with fresh ingredients.)