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<em>(I’m the wrong one in this story. For reference, I work at a pretty popular craft store and sometimes people bring dogs in with them. I’m standing with a coworker nearly on the other end of the store from the couple I’m observing.)</em>

Me: Is that a dog???

Coworker: What?

Me: Does that couple have a dog with them?

Coworker: *looks where I’m looking* Oh, that older couple? Maybe.

Me: It kind of looks like a puppy.

Coworker: Oh, I have to go look!

<em>(She walks that direction and comes back a moment later.)</em>

Coworker: They’re holding flowers.

Me: *mental facepalm* That would explain why they’re looking at vases.

<em>(In my defense, I was far away, and the bundle in the gentleman’s arms looked round and dog-like. But it wasn’t a dog. Sigh.)</em>

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