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A woman approaches the counter and asks for a consultation from the pharmacist. The patient inquires about vitamins, and the pharmacist counsels her for about 15 minutes, and ensures there are no interactions with her medications. She proceeds to shop more, then asks to check out with me. She proceeds to throw her items on the counter, and drops a 12 can coke pack on my left hand. I say nothing, since no damage was done. I finish the transaction and notice she has 2 other packs on the bottom of her cart out of my sight until she started to retreat. I call after her and she proceed to say “Seriously, you didn’t ring these up?”
Me: “No, I’m sorry. I didn’t know those were in the bottom of your cart. I can ring them through really quick, one moment.”
Her: “This is ridiculous, I’d assume you’d knew I’d have three since they’re on sale.”
Me: “I didn’t know they were on sale. It isn’t a good idea to charge you for items I don’t know you are purchasing. Your total for the 2 packs is (amount).”
The woman scoffs and says: “What? You mean I OWE you money?!”
Me: “Yes ma’am, if you want the additional two packs, you have to pay for them.”
She mutters under her breath and reluctantly puts in her chip card. I bid her a good day and she goes on her way. I heard from the manager that she caused a scene up front claiming that I overcharged her (I didn’t) and that the pharmacist didn’t help her in any way with vitamins. She also claimed that we refused to write her a rain check which she didn’t ask for.