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(I work cash register in a large restaurant very popular in my state that is known for hot dogs and Italian beef. Because of the extensive menu, the food prep area is large and divided into multiple stations. A co-worker taking an order next to me turns to me
Co-worker: Can you go down to drinks and ask if they can make a milkshake without the milk?
Me: (Thinking I’ve misheard) A milkshake without the milk?
Co-worker: Yeah, this lady (gesturing to customer) wanted to know, cuz she’s lactose intolerant
Me: Um, you know, milkshakes also have ice cream in them. Ice cream is made with milk. It’s a dairy product too.
Co-worker: (To customer) I’m sorry ma’am, I guess we can’t do that.
(I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that my co-worker had no idea that ice cream is a dairy product, or the fact that someone who claimed to be lactose intolerant didn’t know that!)

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