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It was very close to 11 p.m. (closing time) and business at the golden arches had slowed considerably. No one in the dining room. Most things were cleaned that weren’t needed. Then a single car came through the drive through. My manager had the headset and greeted the customer. We could hear the man over the intercom in the grill area and he very aggressively ordered his food.

I was cleaning the front line when I saw the man drive up to the window–he was middle-aged and looked dangerously angry. She greeted him normally. I heard him say something to her as she took his money; she got unusually quiet and rigid, gave him his change, then quickly got to putting his order together with a sense of urgency. While she was doing that I was cleaning the front counter and he was staring death right through me the whole time he waited; I was honestly fearful to go anywhere near him. She handed the bag to him but didn’t drive away immediately–he said something else I couldn’t hear and then sped off. She dashed to the office bawling her eyes out. I and my coworkers went back to see what the problem was. She was trying to pull herself together but told us through her tears: “He called me a bitch when I gave him his change, and when I gave him his food he said, ‘If there better not be anything wrong with my fucking food, you fucking cunt.'”

She said she’d never seen him before, either. We locked the doors a few minutes early and to my knowledge no one saw him again. All I can remember about him is that cold, beady stare. It’s one of the few times in my life that I can say that someone struck me as not a jerk, not mean, not rude, but *evil*.

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