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(My co-worker and I were doing a tire rotation on a customer’s car. Some random lady walks towards us and stands outside the shop. At this moment, I am standing in the front of the car and my co-worker is at the rear. She ask for some help and my co-worker said something to her. We then rotated the tire and she was still there. She kept asking for help and so I decided to help her. This was also a few years back, so I don’t remember how exactly the conversation went but i remember the event.)

Lady: Is anyone going to help me?

Me: How can I help you?

Lady: I parked my car on your property and now it is not there. You guys must of towed it and I want my car back. (We have our own parking lot that can fit up to 13 cars. We did not see anyone’s car get towed.)

Me: You can talk to my manager.

Lady: Where is he?

Me: In the office, it is right over there *points to the office* (The office is not attached to the shop and many customers can’t find it despite being the only office in the lot. She goes to the office and talks with the manager. I see them walking out to where her car was. The manager returns to the office and the lady went away. I finished working on the customer’s car and went to talk to my manager.)

Me: What was up with the lady?

Manager: She parked her car on the street. It was timed parking and she exceeded that time limit. Her car got towed by the city and she blamed us because she thought that we own that street. I told her to call the police and they would notify her of the towing.

(At this point, I go back to the shop and explain the event to my co-worker. The manager also comes and we all joke about how we “own” the street.)

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