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(I work at a clothing store that has the ability to order merchandise online as well, so we deal with a lot of online returns. A woman comes up returning just one item from her online order, and the interaction goes pretty smoothly until the end.)

Me: Okay, we’ll just send [total] back to your credit card then!

Customer: Wait, that’s not right, shouldn’t it be [total about four dollars higher]?

(I take a look at her invoice and spot the problem fairly quickly.)

Me: Oh, the amount you’re thinking of is including the $3.99 shipping. You paid [total] for this shirt, and that’s what we’re refunding you.

Customer: But shouldn’t I get shipping refunded as well?

Me: No, we don’t do shipping refunds here. The online customer service sometimes does when there’s a shipping problem, but not for just a return like this.

Customer: But I’m returning the item. So, I should get back everything that I paid.

Me: Well, [Company] doesn’t get the money you paid for shipping… that’s what they use to pay the company that delivers your package, I’m assuming.

Customer: Yes, but I’m returning the item! Stop trying to cheat me out of my money!

Me: Ma’am, this item was shipped and delivered to you without a problem. That’s where the shipping cost went. There’s honestly nothing I can do to refund that $3.99 to you, I can only refund the cost of the shirt you’re returning. If you have a problem with that, you can contact online customer service at the phone number listed on your invoice.

(The customer finally grudgingly accepted that she wasn’t getting her shipping costs back and left in a huff, vowing never to order from our online store again.)