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| Unfiltered | October 2, 2017

Was working the register, old white angry racist man enters the store, this fellow has threatened violence on cashiers, and threatened to shoot up the store because he had to wait on service because understaffed or busy, has told cashiers he was going to kill himself etc etc, he is a despicable and creepy fellow who constantly licks his lips every 10 seconds or so. he grabs a soft drink, and bread, comes through my register, I smile, retail face on. say howdy, ask him how he is (the usual friendly routine) he responds with “Tell the bloody Indians to stop eating all the dog food, there’s none on the shelf, fucking Indians are eating it all” I smiled at him, laughed from shock “well you tell me your favourite flavour and I’ll ask them to spare some for you, I am sure their pets wont mind letting you have some of your favourite flavour”
luckily he left quietly and without threatening to kill anybody again. and I was not reported.

and that’s the story of the angry old racist who broke my retail face.

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