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| Unfiltered | October 2, 2017

A woman and her son come in to buy a sewing machine and has brought in print-outs from another store and our price matching policy. The machine is on special at the other place and she wants the extra 15% off that we offer. I read both papers and take note of what they say.

Me “I’m sorry but we don’t match prices with online stores or sale items”

Son “The place has a store front”

Me “They might but right here it says ‘online only special.”

Mother “It’s not on special, you have to match it”

Me “The full price is clearly marked right here and I can’t even match that for you because our regular price is cheaper than their full price.”

Mother “It’s not on special”

Me “I’m sorry but from what it says here it is on special, I have to ring them and find out for sure.”

Mother “They aren’t open today, I want to buy the machine today for the matched price.”

Me “I have to be able to call them to confirm it.”

Mother “Oh great, now you’re just making up your own rules”

Me “No I’m reading them straight from the printout that you gave me”.

Mother “Where does it say that? Prove it”

Me *points to line “It’s right here, see, right above the line that says that we don’t match prices on sewing machines.”

Mother “You made that up” *snatches the papers of me

Me “You printed it”

Mother “FINE, we are going elsewhere” Storms to the door, stops “I’m calling in a complaint about you” I can see it’s a ploy to scare me into giving her the discount, one which would probably get me fired, a complaint could too if the company decide I’ve treated her rudely but by this time I don’t care.

Me “They aren’t open on Sundays, do it tomorrow”.

I make sure I document what was said and give it to my manager. She rarely backs me up.

Manager “You should have given her the discount. I would have approved it, you lost us a sale. A sale is a sale.”

Me “It would have brought it under cost price”

Manager “What? OMG, you’re right. You just saved both of us from possible termination”.