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(The store I work at has a lobby, with a door at either end. Near each door is a box for customers to donate food to a local food bank. I’m in the lobby for security reasons at the moment, when a customer walks out of the store and into the lobby. She puts some food into the donation box, then comes over to me.)
Customer: Excuse me!
Me: Yes?
Customer: You need to move the donation boxes closer to the main door!
Me: Why?
Customer: People could steal the food! I just put something in, but for all you know, I could’ve been stealing from it.
Me: Um, I don’t think most people will steal food from a donation box to a food bank.
Customer: Tell your manager that they need to be moved! Someone could steal from it!
Me: Okay, I will tell someone your suggestion.
(I did tell a couple coworkers, including one who works at the Customer Service desk, about this interaction. Those boxes haven’t moved.)