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| Unfiltered | October 1, 2017

(At the time of this story, my friend was working through a drive through. After the customer gave his order and pulled to the window, this lovely exchange happened. I should mention my friend is into vore so her comments are always interesting)

Customer: You know, a guy like me likes to see girls like you on her back, preferably naked.

Friend: You know a girl like me likes to see guys like you in an oven, preferably with it preheated to 350 already.

Customer: I was just tryin to be flatterin.

Friend: You were just tryin to be raunchy for shock value and it didn’t work.

Customer: What if I had feelings for you.

Friend: wouldn’t change mine toward you. which is hungry.

Customer: As in good hungry?

Friend: As in Hannibal hungry.

Customer: *drives off*

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