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(Here in Minnesota we have strict liquor laws concerning selling anything other than 3.2 beer after 10 o’clock. If someone sells any alcohol past that time, both the cashier and the business get a very hefty fine. So imagine my grim surprise two minutes after closing that the door opens, And a rushing woman walks in.)

Customer: I know you’re closed, but I just got off the phone with the woman in charge, she said I could buy alcohol as long as it’s five minutes after.

Me: You talked to my boss?

Customer: Yes.

(Thankfully, since my boss is cool, and I work in a small town liquor store, I’m allowed to be rude to fools.)

Me: -Laughs- You heard wrong.

Customer: She totally told me, Where is she?

Me: She’s been gone for six hours, It’s just me here. But what is it you wanted?

Customer: I told her I was just going to get a pint of Hennessy.

Me: -Laughs even harder- Ma’am, we’ve been out of Hennessy for weeks, well I do have a 1.75L of it left, but if you really need it that bad, it’ll cost $20,046.

Customer: What?! Why is it so expensive?!

Me: Because of all the fines we’ll receive for selling after ten o’clock. Plus a little extra for me so I can find myself a new job after I sell it to you.

Customer: -getting defensive- Well you don’t have to get hostile. I’ll call her back and get you fired anyway!

Me: -Shrugs- I wouldn’t hold your breath.

(She angrily leaves and I call my boss. Obviously she never got a phone call from someone about coming in late. After a bit of speculation and calling around, we discover that there was a new girl two miles down the road at a separate liquor store. Who answered the call. I saved her a massive fine.)