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Me: *Standing behind the counter, a few hours into my shift. I’m tired, my feet hurt, and the registers keep freezing on us. I’m doing my best to maintain a positive attitude, though, and smile at the next customer in line, bidding them to come forward.* How can I help you?

Customer: *Looks me over with annoyance and then turns to her boyfriend, asking him what he wants. He orders a thing of nachos a medium drink. She asks for a large popcorn and a large drink.*

Me: Bag or bucket for your popcorn, ma’am?

Her: *Annoyed.* The usual large!

Me: *Rings up her order and then turns to go and get the popcorn. The usual large is the large bag; the bucket costs a dollar more. I fill up the bag and bring it to the counter, prepared to hand it over and see her off, but she doesn’t take it.*

Customer: That’s not what I asked for. I wanted the large.

Me: …This is the large.

Customer: No, I wanted the tub of popcorn. I asked for the regular, why did you bring me the bag?

Me: The regular large is the bag; the bucket costs a dollar more. You still get your free refill, of course. *Trying to convince her that she saved money this way, anyway, so she should just take her popcorn and go.*

Her: Then can I just give you the dollar and you get me the bucket?

Me: Well, no, I can’t do that. That would mess up our inventory. But, I can call my manager out here to refund you the purchase of the bag, and then we can sell you a bucket of popcorn, instead. I-

Her: *Interrupting me.* Just forget it!

Her: *Grabs the bag out of my hands and smacks the napkin dispenser onto the ground, walking away and loudly complaining that this is the worst service she’s ever had. She even leans behind the counter to talk to my co-worker who’s working at the oven, ranting to her-* I want you to know that this is the worst service that I’ve ever had here and I will be speaking to your manager! Your co-worker down there rolled her eyes at me when I asked for a tub of popcorn!

Me: *In no way, shape, or form did that at all, but okay.*

Her: *Continues ranting as she walks into her theater with her bag of popcorn.*

My manager: *Comes out afterward, to ask what was going on. I relay the story to him, as well as telling him that she may be calling him to complain.*

Him: I don’t want her to call me. Don’t give her my name if she asks. *Goes back into the manager’s office to hide.*

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