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| Unfiltered | September 28, 2017

I’m attempting to arrange a trip through the UK. It hasn’t been easy to start with but… this particular incident just tops it all. I’m attempting to arrange Assisted travel between Huntingdon and King’s Cross. The train company I’m travelling with has a nice online form to arrange this. Only there is a slight problem with it, so I decide to call them. It goes off to a great start.

Train company: Hello, [company] assisted travel, this is [name] speaking, can I take your name please?
Me: [my extremely dutch name]
TC: Pardon, what was that?
Me; [my name again]
TC: Focus on the road? (clearly confused)
Me: No, [my name], it’s my name.
TC: ooh…. I’m sorry. What are you calling for today?
Me: Well… I tried to book assistance through your website but there was a slight problem… My departure station was not in the drop down menu.

Yes… They had a list of various stations that you had to choose from… but Huntingdon was not among them. I double checked but no, it was not there. The poor guy on the line didn’t know what else to do than to book it manually himself either and had to listen to me spelling out my name and email address (because, of course, both are very dutch).