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| Unfiltered | September 28, 2017

Me: -Is making a free pizza & soda delivery at 11 PM at the farthest destination on our route map. Gets out car and carries the pizza as two dog rush over-
Me: Uh… okay -gets to door and delivers the free pizza-
Customer: Oh thank you! Gosh, here’s $10 for your long drive out here for a free pizza and soda!
Me: No problem! -starts to leave-
Little dog: -starts barking at my reflection on my car-
Big dog: -starts barking and attempt to bite me thanks to little dog-
Me: -runs back to the front door as the dogs growl at me while I’m on the porch-
Customer: What’s wrong?
Me: Could you walk me to my car? Your dog tried to bite me.
Customer: Oh please! My dog doesn’t bite! -proceeds to defend her dog as she walks me to my car-
Customer: I should ask for my tip back for that, or at least half! -laughs-

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