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(I’m a waiter at a sit-down burger joint that makes hand-dipped shakes)

CUSTOMER: “Excuse me, but why are there chocolate chips in my vanilla milkshake?”

(I look and she has removed the two chocolate chips onto her napkin, each not much bigger than a large Nerds candy)

CUSTOMER: “I did not order chocolate chips in my milkshake!”

ME: *almost congratulating her before I realize she’s seriously unhappy about this* “Well, I’m sorry, things can bounce around back there and sometimes those can end up in the wrong mixing cups.”

CUSTOMER: “What if I was allergic to chocolate and I had eaten these? This is unsafe!”

ME: “. . . are you allergic to chocolate?”

CUSTOMER: “No! Thank god!”

(We’re slammed at this point so I have to move on and take care of my other tables. About 10 minutes goes by and she flags me down again.)

CUSTOMER: “I found ANOTHER chocolate chip in my milkshake! Why were chocolate chips put into my VANILLA milkshake when I did not order them?”

ME: “Ma’am, I’m sorry that you got unwanted chocolate chips in your milkshake. We’re very busy and when we get busy, our fountain guy has to move very fast and they can bounce around.”

(I leave them their check and a few minutes later I see her talking to my GM. I start bracing myself for a lecture and decide to head right into it and get it over with. After my manager finished the short conversation with her I caught up with him by the dish area as he was walking to the back office.)

ME: “So what did she say?”

GM: *looks at me confused* “. . . oh was that your table? Something about not wanting chocolate chips?”

ME: *explain the situation and watch his eyes glaze over.*

GM: “Yeah she’s nuts. Whatever.” *continues to back office*