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, | Unfiltered | September 26, 2017

I’m checking out at a discount store of a major department store. While the cashier is ringing me up, the woman at the register next to me is making a scene. She’s berating the cashier ringing her up and the store associate standing on the floor next to her holding a piece of clothing. It takes me a minute or two to understand what was going on.

It turns out the manager had jumped on the registers to help with the long line. While she was checking out this woman, a store associate had come up to ask her a question and for help with an item for another customer. The angry customer was incredulous that this store associate would deign to ask her manager for help while the manager was ringing her up. She was aghast and acting like it was a terrible affront to her and she kept repeating “I can’t believe she did that! What was she thinking!” as if the store associate wasn’t standing right there. She wasn’t yelling but she was speaking loudly and acting like she was the most special person on earth. It was embarrassing and horrifying to watch. I wanted to say something but I worried what this woman would say to me.

However, after she left, I turned to the store associate still standing there and said “I’m sorry she spoke to you that way. You don’t deserve to be spoken to like that and she was out of line. I’m sorry that happened to you.” The associate thanked me and after the manager helped her, she went back to the floor. My cashier and the manager looked at me and thanked me for saying something to the store associate.

The kicker? Right before I left the manager said to me “I appreciate you saying that to her. She’s only been on the floor for 20 minutes. This is her very first day.”

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