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, | Unfiltered | September 25, 2017

I am coming out of the Mcdonalds drive through, preparing to park to eat my food. There is a customer in the parking lot patked in the most inconvenient way possible, taking up four parking spaces with their oversized truck. A “vote hillary 2016” sticker covered the back window in a way that i am sure breaks some code. I try to talk to her as i drive by.

Me: Ma’am, you aren’t suposed to park like that.

Her: *flips me off* F*** YOU!

Me: if a cop saw you he would ticket you.

Her: F*** YOU!

I drive to a different parking spot and eat my food. There are about 13 crows outside my car so i start feeding them (you arent suposed too, but i was bored). All of the crows fly off, and suddenly i am scared out of my socks as the manager of the mcdonalds knocks on my car door.

Me: I wasnt feeding birds!

Manager: a customer just told us you insulted her mother and threatened to call the cops on her for her political sticker.

Me: Ummmm….. no

I proceded to tell her the story and we both had a good laugh.

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