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(I work for a Non Profit Medical Clinic. Because the County we operate in provides a pretty broad range of services, we have a lot of patients who labor under the belief that we are associated with the County. We are not and never have been. I overhear my colleague who is working the Front Desk engaging with a patient.)

Patient: So you’re part of the County, right?
Colleague: No, we are in no way associated with the County.
Patient: Oh, so you contract with them?
Colleague: No. We are not contracted by, subcontract with, or in any way work for or answer to the County.
Patient: So you’re subcontracted with the County.
Colleague: No, we are not. We are in no way, shape, or form any part of the County services.
Patient: *sounding confused* Oh.
*a moment later*
Patient: So can you send [paperwork] through this fax machine? *gestures at printer*
Colleague: That isn’t a fax machine.
Patient: Can you fax it from here?
Colleague: No, we do not have a fax machine here.
Patient: *confused* Oh.
*after the patient has been called in to see the provider*
Me: *to Colleague, teasing* So hey, [Name], aren’t we part of the county?
Colleague: *throws hands in the air* Apparently!
Me: Someone should tell [Boss]. He won’t have to worry about that [specific] grant anymore!

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