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(I am trying to get a new subscription for my phone. The site won’t accept my SIM number because it’s either too long or too short, so I call customer service.)

Me: “Hello I’d like to buy [subscription name here] the site didn’t work.”

Employee: “Okay, what’s the SIM card number?”

Me: *tells the number*

Employee: “Hmmm, I’m afraid that doesn’t fit.”

Me: “Yes, that’s why we’re calling customer service.”

Employee: “Ah it fits now, I added a ‘1’ in front of it, now it fits.”

Me: “But… then it isn’t my SIM card?”

Employee: *ignores it and moves on*

Me: *thinks he corrected it anyway and continues as well*

(A few days later I get an e-mail from the company saying the SIM card number was incorrect and I had to send the correct info. In the end I sent the info to my father who handled it for me, idk what exactly he sent but it worked out.)

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