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(A few years ago I worked as a bus boy and general assistant to the chefs. I usually go out into the dining area to get the dishes and bring them back to wash them. I’m a tall, chubby guy and I was 15 at the time being. The shirts I wore were black so I could fit in with the staff’s outfits, but most of the time the shirt was a size too small. This was one of those times. I pick up plates near an old couple.)

Old Man: “Hey, kid!”

Me: “Yes?”

(The couple look disgusted.)

Old Man: “You need to get better shirts, you look like a f****** queer.”

(I’m taken aback by this, mostly because I’ve never experienced homophobes this straightforward before. He keeps on.)

Old Man: “D*** queers, always making such strapping young men f**s.”

(I just decided to leave, but the old man was persistent.)

Old Man: “I don’t want to see you in a short shirt again, cause I’ll know you’re a queer then. It’s a sin to be a queer!”

(I’ve had enough then.)

Me: “There’s nothing wrong with being gay, actually, it’s supported here. If you want to be an old homophobic a**-hole you can leave; I’m sure the bartender will help.”

(The bartender is a muscular man and is pretty protective of me. The old man turned pale and left, his wife apologized and left too. A few months later the restaurant closed. The best part of the whole thing? A few weeks ago I saw the old man and his wife, and he saw me with my handsome boyfriend and freaked out when me and my boyfriend made out in front of him.)

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