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| Unfiltered | September 22, 2017

I work for a pretty well-known software company doing application support. The application I support is an ERP system – so large that documentation does not usually go down to the nitty-gritty of how things are designed. We have a hot issue from a customer who just did a MASSIVE upgrade – we’re talking a decade or so worth of updates at once. Development has already sent a fix for them to test, but we send them a document from our Knowledge Base about a new-ish feature that may also be contributing to the problem. It’s a VERY thorough feature description with considerations and some potential impacts if customers have done certain things. (Note that we already had someone go over the whole feature and known issues with the customer.)

Customer updates the ticket: This document is focused specifically at the structure level, and does not provide any information on where it’s being used or the impact. It doesn’t mention this [completely unrelated thing]! That document is totally deficient and provides no information! If you’re going to use this feature in your delivered application, your document should point out every single place it’s used….in multiple places! All possible impacts of each use!

I begin messaging the manager when we see it.

Me: I’m….not quite sure how to respond to that as we already went over it with them…Also I’ve never seen someone get so angry at a document lol. They were perfectly happy on the phone.

Manager: I know!

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