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(I’m at a popular sandwich shop, eating my lunch when I overhear this exchange after a man has filled up his own soda bottle partway with some fountain soda.)

Employee: (politely) Hey, man, I just need to let you know that its not cool to do that.
Customer: Its just a this much (motions to show that he’s only filled the bottle partway)
Employee: Yeah, it doesn’t really matter. You just did that right in front of me and I have to let you know that its not ok.
Customer: Whatever, its not a big deal.
Employee: I can’t let you just do that right in front of me.
Customer: Next time I’ll fill it up all the way.
Employee: Seriously? That’s stealing.
Customer: (on his way out the door) F*** you.
Employee: Yeah, you too man.

(Several people in the store told the guy they were on his side, that he was definitely right to say something, and to forget that customer.)

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