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(I used to work for an energy supplier. Because I work in arrears, I am used to abusive calls but one day I have one that takes the cake. A colleague comes to me saying he has a woman on the phone asking for me by name claiming I sent an inappropriate letter. We get a lot of customers who don’t like being told they owe money. Thinking this is just such a case, I tell him to put the caller through.)

Me: “Hello, you’re speaking to [my name]. I understand you have a query about a letter?”

Customer: “You’re [my name]?”

Me: “That’s right.”

Customer: “Who in the h*ll do you think you are sending my husband letters?”

Me: “The letter you received was addressed to your husband?”

Customer: “That’s right. I’m his wife.”

Me: “I may not be able to talk to you unless I have his permission. Is he there with you? Or are you named on the-”

Customer: “Now you listen here, b*tch. How dare you write to my husband you wh*re! You think you’re the first woman I’ve chased away? You stay the h*ll away from my husband you filthy wh*re. He’s MY husband, not yours.”

Me: “You’ve called a utility company. Any letter sent out would have been in regards to his electricity account and would in no way be personal. Now please stop using that language or I will be forced to terminate the call.”

Customer: “Yeah well if this is a utility company why did you sign the letter?”

Me: “Because I work for the company. Now, what does the letter say? Does it have an account number on it?”

Customer: “You wrote it. You tell me.”

Me: “Madam, I write to countless customers every day. Now what does the letter say?”

Customer: “Well that just makes you a filthy sl*t. Stop writing letters to my husband! You f*ck your own husband and leave mine alone.”

Me: “Madam, this is your final warning.”

Customer: “B*tch you think you can take me? I’ll tear your f*cking wh*re face off! Leave my husband the f*ck alone, stop sending him dirty letters, stop calling him – I don’t ever want to see your name again, you hear me [my name]?”

*As per our policy I advise the customer that due to her language and threats I am terminating the call. She screams over me the whole time, continuing to make threats until I hang up. It’s worth noting that the only letters that have agent names rather than manager names signed on them are letters confirming payment plans we’ve set up, and they’re a mail-merge letter – we don’t actually write them.*

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