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I’m interning as a stagehand/ light technician at a music venue. It’s my first shift as a ligh tech on my own, and i’m quite nervous. Its an afternoon show by a band that plays music for kids. A local primary school on a field trip will make up the audience. The band is sound checking and i’m busy programming my console. The band plays a love song.

singer: *singing* “She’s the sweatest girl in the world. The sweatest girl – is the girl doing our lights!

He flirtatiously points at me, and i break out in a nervous/amused giggling fit.
The actual lyrics, of course, – as i found out during the show – mention just a girls name. Certainly broke the ice with me and helped a shitton with my nerves! The band were great guys and I couldn’t wish for a better gig to start of with! ?

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