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(When I was little we flew out to Disneyland on vacation. It was my first trip to Disney and I had had a great time. Anyway we’re going through security at the airport on the way home and they ask my parents and I to step to the side bringing our carry on bag over as well.)

Security: Is there anything in this case we should be aware of?
Dad: No. There’s nothing in there as far as I’m aware that’s against the rules.
Security: The X-ray showed something in this bag with wires and electrics do you know anything about that?
(My parents and I are really confused now and a little concerned.)
Dad: No, I can’t think of anything in that bag that would fit that description.
(3 Security Officers open the bag and begin carefully looking through it and removing things. Finally they pull out a handheld toy I got at Disneyland. It’s a replica of the Disney castle with Tinkerbell on top. There’s a button you press and it lights up and spins. My parents hadn’t even thought about the toy being in the bag, but instantly realize that must be what security was seeing through the X-ray.)
Dad: We bought that for our daughter at Disney. Is that a problem?
Security: What is it?
Dad: It’s just a toy. There are no batteries in it right now, but if there were it would light up and spin around.
(The 3 TSA agents were still really confused, but eventually they put it and the other stuff back in the bag and let us go on our way.)
Security: Never seen anything like that come through before, sorry about the trouble, have a nice flight.

(They were really nice about the whole thing, but we were baffled that being right near Disneyland they had never seen such a toy come through before. They’d been selling them all over the park. I still wonder at it.)

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