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(I’m living in a rural and overwhelmingly conservative area. But the times they are a-changing and we recently had our first gay wedding in town. To spare us some nerves my family decides to withhold this information from my 83 year old grandma. Apparently this didn’t work out as planned.)
Grandma: *alluding* “I’ve talked to [friend]. Did you know [neighbor] married?”
Dad: “Ummm… No. Why do you ask?”
Grandma: “Oh, don’t give me that spiel!”
Mother: “Well, yes. But you have to understand that that’s now legal and it’s perfectly okay for a man to marry another man…”
Grandma: “Oh, grow up! Who cares about that?! *furiously* He married someone from [rivaling neighbor town]! THAT’S JUST SUCH A DISGRACE!”
(Yay, progress… I guess.)

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