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My husband works in I.T. and as a result, is expected to fix his family’s computers. They usually expect it done yesterday. Husband is bringing home his brother’s computer, he gets reminded that he needs it back as soon as possible even though it’s only used to play games on.

Husband “Well I better get started on this, he’ll be here in the morning wondering where it is” *Takes computer into his office “Oh g*d”

Me “What’s is it? Worse than you thought?”

Husband “Come here and tell me what you think is wrong with it”

Me “What makes you think I know anything about computers?” *enters room “Oh jeeze, that stinks”

Husband “I can’t work on this, I need to let it air for a few days”

The next morning brother comes over to pick up his computer, he throws a cigarette butt on the ground before coming in as we don’t allow smoking in the house.

Brother “So what was wrong with my computer, is it ready?”

Husband “I know exactly what’s wrong with it, it smokes too much. I also need to replace (item)”

Brother “Oh sure. funny non-smoker having a go at a smoker. So when will it be done?”

Husband “It needs to breathe for a couple of days, the smell of stale smoke makes me sick”

Brother “Again with the jibes, can’t you get it done quicker”

Husband “I suppose I could put it in the shower for a while”

Brother “Okay, Okay. I’ll wait a few days then”.