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So I work in a pretty busy retail store that is in a mall. This mall attracts quite a bit of tourists, yet the problems always come from the locals. We’re a new store, and quickly ran out of shopping bags. The complaints are amazing, and go something like this…
Family of three comes in; Daughter about 21 yrs, mother and father about 50.
Me :(ringing the items up) “I hate to say it, but I’m sorry, we’re out of bags at the moment. ”
Daughter: “Oh it’s totally fine-”
Dad: WHAT. WHAAAAT. How do you guys even expect us to carry all of this?!!!! DO YOU SEE THIS STUFF?!!!”
Daughter: “Dad it’s fine….?”
Me: I’m really sorry sir, we actually placed an emergency order for the bags a while ago, but they haven’t come in-”
Dad: “HOW COULD YOU GUYS NOT HAVE BAGS?!!! What kind of a store is this?!!!! WHERE IS YOUR MANAGER???!!!”
Manager (who was standing next to me): “I’m sorry we can’t do much si-”
Dad: “AN APOLOGY ISNT GOING TO GET US ANYWHERE!!!! Don’t you see all these people shopping?!!! This is so bad for business you guys are not fit to have a store open!!!! OUTRAGEOUS!!”
Manager: “Again I’m sorry sir, but there really is nothing we can do. We do have some backpacks that are really cheap if you’re interested!”
Dad: *scoffs* “No.”
My manager again apologizes, then leaves.
Me: “Thanks and have a good day!”
He then leaves, looking over our counters. As if we’re just bag hoarders with some kind of a problem??? Does he think I’m hiding bags up my ass???

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