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( I used to work in a very popular game store. Black Friday came and went with the typical horde of customers. About a month later one shows back up that I immediately recognized. A young boy and his father I remember servicing, they had purchased a game console membership card. I watch as the young boy walks up to the area where we keep the stack of various cards and grabs one. His father walks up to my coworkers register and hands her only his receipt. Not long after the son stands beside his father.)

Father: *in Spanish* my son’s card isn’t working. The store sold him a bad card.

(The son proceeds to hand my coworker the new card he had grabbed. She looks both the receipt and card over.)

Coworker: *sounding irate now* My name, Come over here and look at this. You sold them one card but gave them the wrong one.

Me: No, I didn’t. His some just took that one from the rack a minute ago.

(She then turns to the son and asks where he got the card from. He points exactly where.)

Father: *to the son* Where is the card you bought that day?

Son: I left it at home.

(The father looks annoyed and quickly snips at his son to get back home and grab his car. The son leaves quickly and returns a couple of minutes later. Meanwhile, my coworker is checking over the receipt. She then notices the date on it.)

Coworker: *to me* This is from over a month ago. Did they decide to use this card today? These codes expire after a while.

(When the son gets back he hands his father the card who then gives it to my coworker. She checks over the back to see the card’s been scratched to show the code.)

Father: It’s not working. You need to give me a new card because she messed up. *he points to me*

Coworker: *to the son* Did you try using this code after you bought it or did you try using it today?

Son: Today.

(She lets out a light sigh and tells both father and son that the card has to be used within a certain time span or they will expire. Most people buy them once their membership runs out or a few days before. These cards have to be activated at the register after that, it’s out of our store and out of our hands. If the card is no good it won’t scan when its brought up, obviously you prevent any bad card from being sold. So at the time of purchase the card was still good.

The father takes a moment to think on it then decides no, his son was sold a bad card and now it’s up to us to fix it.)

Father: Someone needs to fix this. I’m not leaving this store.

(He stands in place at the front of one of the standing in the way of any customers. By now the manager has been uncorked of the entire situation. He comes over and speaks to the guy only relaying what’s already been told to him.)

Coworker: My name, take the other register.

(My coworker and manager tell the guy one more time that there’s nothing they can do. He would have to call the company and see if that will help. After they go back to working. He speaks out one more time before finally giving up on getting a free card. Storming out the store with his son.)

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