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(A little over 10 years ago I’m a server at a diner-style restaurant. I have a new table seated in my section and see that it’s a guy a tad younger than me(putting him late teens, early 20’s) [CUSTOMER #1] and a young boy who I estimate to be between 12 and 15, wearing glasses, a cap, and a baseball jersey [CUSTOMER #2]. I immediately assume that this is an older brother taking his younger brother out for a burger; seeing them fills me with a sense of warmth and fondness for the memories I have of getting to spend time with my older brother, with whom I had about the same age spread as these two seemed to. I approach the table to greet them and get their drink order as they choose their food).

ME: “Hello. Welcome to [restaurant], I’m your server. Can I get you something to drink to start out?”

CUSTOMER #1: “I’ll have a Coke.”

ME: “Okay a Coke.” (Turning to the young man) “And for you, young sir?”

CUSTOMER #2: (a slow turn to face me revealing a death stare, which has me confused until the other customer speaks up)

CUSTOMER #1: “That’s my girlfriend, dude.”

ME: (so calmly I’m still shocked to this day) “Oh I’m very sorry about that. What can I bring you to drink?”

CUSTOMER #2: “…”

CUSTOMER #1: “Just bring her a Coke.”

ME: (politely smiling the whole time) “Another Coke, you got it. I’ll be back with those and to get your order.”

(I walked right past the drink station, past the kitchen, through the dish and prep area, into the cooler, and screamed my head off before collecting myself enough to continue as if nothing was wrong. They did not tip but I didn’t gripe.)