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| Unfiltered | September 13, 2017

Today at work I was asked to help a customer look for a particular food. When I found him he was on his phone. I waited to ask what I can help him with and he just held his finger in the gesture of “one moment”. I waited politely until he finished his conversation. When he hung up, he looked at me and said, “I need prescription food. Where is it?!” I replied “let me walk you over. What kind of food are you looking for in particular?” Still not being specific he said “where is the prescription food?” I responded patiently “right here. We’re in front of it.” I pointed to the different selections. Again I asked, “what kind of food are you looking for? Is it for a cat or dog?” Snidely he replied,”cat. Now where is it?!” He was getting impatient at this point. So I asked “what’s the name of it?” He told me and I looked. He didn’t bother to look at all and that set off my nerves. I noticed we didn’t have the particular flavor or “pâté” he wanted. Still looking by myself I noticed I couldn’t even find the sku for the food. I told him we don’t carry it and he yelled, “where can I find it then?!” I was a bit confused and just said “the internet.” He got pissed and yelled “I don’t think you understand. I’m from out of town and need this food today. Now, tell me where I can find it.” Not appreciating being talked to this way I got nervous and frustrated. I told him we have a pet hospital that they may know more information because at this point I can no longer assist him. He immediately asked “where is your manager. I need to speak to him.” All I could say was “okay”. And walked off. My manager dealt with the angsty customer and told him the same thing I said. “Maybe the internet?” The customer yelled “why does everyone keep telling me to go on the internet!” My manager told him “All stores are different and carry different items sometimes. Perhaps in your state only carries that particular flavor.” The rude customer of course didn’t understand this and walked off taking on his phone. Complaining to one of his out of state friends most likely. I told my manager “What I should’ve said “Next time remember your cats prescription before taking off traveling dumbass. It’s common sense!” He laughed, “Seriously. Who forgets their cats prescription?”

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