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(The gas station I usually go to lets you use the tire pumps for free if you buy gas. The pump didn’t stay on long enough for me to fill all my tires so I went back to the register to ask if they’d turn it back on for me. There was a line of 4 or 5 people so I was going to just get the attendant’s attention to get them to flip the switch again, but then an old woman of about 80-85 years walked right to the front of the line before I could do anything)

OLD LADY: “Excuse me, but the person before me spilled a lot of gas on the ground! It’s dangerous!”

ATTENDANT: “How much gas was spilled?”

OLD LADY: “It seems like a lot.”

ATTENDANT: “Ma’am I’ll be there as soon as I’m able to help these people.”

OLD LADY: “This is a hazardous situation! I don’t want to breathe it in! My husband says it’s dangerous! I need to fill up my car but I can’t do it because someone spilled gas and I don’t want to get hurt!”

(The attendant apologizes to us in line and shuffles out of his booth to get the cleaning materials)

OLD LADY: (To us in line, indirectly) “I’m sorry I just think its dangerous. The person before us spilled a lot of gas and it’s very dangerous.”

(I decided it wasn’t worth the wait, so I gave up my place in line but first wanted to peak at this “huge gas spill,” which was on the far side of the nearest pump. It was a wet spot roughly 1 foot in diameter, already starting to evaporate.)

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