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A couple years ago I was hanging out with a friend of mine at (name of mall). Now my friend is only 4 years younger than me, but because of her height she looks like she can pass off as young kid. Now me and her get flirty at times, but we try not to go to far, but when I said something sexual to her it caught the ears of another customer in (store’s name). So when she went into the dressing room of that store to try something on this other mall patron confronted me.

Patron: You are a vile and disgusting man that girl has to be 12 years old I should report you to the police.

Now I usually keep my cool but this person was asking for it.

Me: She is 4 years younger than me making her a legal adult like me. Just because she’s short doesn’t make her a child you ignorant moron.

Of course he didn’t believe me and demanded the cashier call mall security on me which she did. Now by this time my friend came out of the dressing room and I told her we had to wait because mall security was coming, but the patron tried grabbing her arm to pull her away from me.

Patron: Come with me child this sick man can’t hurt you anymore.

That’s when my friend hit him in the arm with her purse.

Friend; I’m 22 years old you idiot I’m no child.

Patron: Nonsense you are safe and you don’t have to lie for him anymore.

That’s when mall security showed up and my friend pulled out her ID to show the security guard she was indeed an adult. But that didn’t sit to well with the patron.

Patron: You seriously believing this, that ID has to be fake. This sick man is molesting an underage girl and has her scared to the point she’s lying for him.

Security Guard: (looking at the patron) Sir this ID is authentic so clearly she is a legal adult and you just jumped to conclusions.

He hands the ID back to my friend and leaves the store after apologizing to us for the inconvenience. Me and friend leave the store and she decides to anger the guy as we leave as he is still not convinced.

Friend: I’m horny lets get a hotel room and do it.

Me: Just tell me how you want it.

The guy had a shocked look on his face as we left the store laughing.

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