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I work in a Call Center that does Tech help for Hospitals. Most calls are about password resets or lock out but occasionally we get a call for changes that have nothing to do with technical help.

Caller: I have a blue light that keeps shining and I would like to have it turned off.

Me: Is this on the laptop or desktop?

Caller: No this is on the Monitor.

Me: What light are you seseing? Is it something on the screen that will not go away.

Caller: no it is on the side. I will email you a picture I took of it.

I take a look at the image she took with her camera and sent to the helpdesk.
Me: That is the power button that is always lit up as blue. If you turn it off then you will turn off the monitor. If the light is bothering you then you can put a post it or s a small bit of colored tape over it.

Caller: So there is nothing else that can be done then.

Me: No, it is always on as it shows the monitor is on.

Caller hangs up as she was hoping somehow we could change this.