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Me and my brother were going to Arkansas to visit our grand parents. On the way down we decided to stop at the St. Louis Gateway Arch. Me, my brother and our grandpa rode to the top with no problem, until we had to leave that is.

Tram car operator: The ram car doors are now opening

(literally a second later)

operator:(literally a second later) The tram car doors are now closing, have a wonderful evening.

I, Grandpa, and my brother stand there confused.

Me: we aren’t on yet…

Customer 1: (to operator) HEY! We aren’t on yet!

Customer 2: (Holds the door open just long enough for customer 3 to get out of the doorway. The door shuts with a loud crash)

Customer 1: That guy didn’t get out!

Brother: he didn’t have enough time to!

Having nowhere else to go, everyone goes back to the platform. The Trams come back. Everyone gets in line to leave.

Brother: (to operator) We didn’t have to to get on!

Operator: (fake smiling) Have a WONDERFUL evening!

Operator: (to other employee) SAUCY eight-year-old!

Brother: I’m ten!

Me: I’m never letting you forget that.