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, | Unfiltered | September 12, 2017

Me: Alright Ma’am here is your change (Counting it in her hand)

Costumer: I’m sorry i didnt get my change.

Me: I am sorry ma’am, i am fairly sure you did.

Costumer: No i didnt’t, those people behind me saw it.

People behind her: I saw he gave you change, not how much but i saw he gave you something.

Me: You know what, lets get a manager.

(Manager gets here, she still claims she didnt get any change)

Manager to people behind her: Did you see [me] give change to here?

People behind her: Yup


Manager: You know what, we will count his drawer, and look what the result is, alright?

(We count out me drawer, its showing nothing wrong, sadfully enough i couldnt see the reaction, but i saw her storming out of the store angry!