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My dad told a story often, that, knowing how his intolerance of nonsense was matched only by his toughness, seems totally legit. Even my friends, after knowing my dad for a few months, agree that it’s something he’d likely do.

As a movie theater manager in the ’70s, my dad was in charge of the (sometimes twice) weekly trip to the bank. He didn’t have a bank bag back then, and the bank was just on the other side of the alley from the theater OR he’d have to walk around the lit, street-side block, so why not walk, right? Well, someone nearby caught on to the pattern, seeing a man walking to the bank through the alley that connects the buildings instead of walking around the lit block, with a lunch from the movie theater, and coming back with no lunch bag, concludes that it’s pretty obvious what’s in the bag.

Dude: *points gun at my dad* STOP! Give me all your money NOW –
Dad *shoves guy across the alley, and loudly shouting after him* No! I don’t have time for your shit!

With that, my dad walked briskly through the remaining portion of the alley, and called the police from the bank, and in subsequent weeks, he’d let other senior employees take the deposits, and made his banking patterns completely unpredictable and lunch bag free, usually hiding the $$ in a jacket or sweater. He told us kids that if we have to walk with a large portion of money on a regular basis, at least become unpredictable and do NOT carry the money or package within view!