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(I call the mechanic for an update on the repairs they are doing on my truck. I am a woman in my 30’s.)

Mechanic: “Well, I suggest [ and not (etc etc) ok?”

Me: “Ok, well…”

Mechanic: (interrupts) “So yeah, I suggest (etc etc)…” *repeats same info, adds some new info, circles around again*

Me: “Yes, I…”

Mechanic: (interrupts again)

This circle repeats a few times with me unable to get a word in between interruptions to agree with his diagnosis and ask him to proceed with the suggested repairs. Finally I am able to voice my approval of the plan.

Mechanic: “Ok then. We’ll do (etc etc). Sorry if I’m talking over your head here.”

Me: (thinking maybe he meant “talking over you”) “Um, no worries…. The plan makes complete sense. Sounds good. Please go ahead and do the repairs.”

I arrive at the shop when the work is completed, and he again goes over the work that was done, and explains the next step in the repair process. I give approval, and we set an appointment for the next step in the repairs. As I am digging in my purse for my wallet to pay for that day’s work…

Mechanic: “So, is your husband mechanically inclined?”

Me: (distracted by fishing out my wallet and assuming he’s making small talk) “Well…. So-so. He’s a really quick study, though, so if he runs into things he doesn’t know, a little research and he’s up to speed.”

Mechanic: “Oh, good. Well, take this home (gestures to the itemized bill/description of repairs) and have him look over it. I’m sure he can walk you through it and explain it to you.”

Me: *in cold voice* “Yeah… that won’t be necessary. Now, how much was the total after tax?”

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