The Female Of The Species Is More Dangerous Than The Male

, | Learning | February 28, 2017

(I work in the main library of a university, checking out books for students. In New Zealand, most campuses contain a diverse ethnic mix of students, so we’re lucky to be interacting with cultures from all over the world. Most students are respectful of each other’s cultures, including the New Zealand way of life. We were first to give women the vote, and have developed a reputation as a country that’s very strong on women’s rights. I’m a woman myself, and proud to live in a country that accepts and celebrates cultures from all over the world.)

Me: “Next, please!”

Student: “I am checking this book out.”

(This is way back in 1994, and things aren’t as electronically streamlined as they are now. When students checked out a book, they filled out a slip as well. As I hand him a slip to fill out, I absent-mindedly push my sleeves up to my elbows.)

Student: *slamming his fist on the counter* “You disrespectful woman! How dare you insult me like that!”

Me: *looking straight at him* “Ah… what?”

Student: “Now you insult me further by daring to stare at my eyes! Insolent! Women in this country do not know their place!”

(He’s very loud. My manager has heard it all and steps in.)

Manager: “Actually, sir, in this country women DO know their place. It’s right up there with everyone else’s place. We all respect one another on a platform of equality, especially on this campus. Therefore you will apologise to this woman or you’ll be reported to the Proctor.”

Student: “It is the same everywhere I go in this country! The ‘womens,’ they have no respect! They are, how you say — STROPPY!”

Manager: “They certainly are, sir. And we wouldn’t have them any other way. I’m calling security to escort you out, and you’ll be hearing from the Proctor.” *catching the eye of the female security guard who has heard the commotion and is walking our way* “Ah, [Security Guard]! Good timing. Please escort this student to the exit. Feel free to demonstrate just how tough New Zealand women are as you do.”

(The student could not believe he was being thrown out by a woman and started kicking the desk, but was subdued in a heartbeat by the security guard’s wristlock as she physically pushed him out the door. The Proctor followed up with my manager a few days later. The student had been abusive to women all over campus, from cleaning ladies to professors, and as much as we try to accommodate cultural differences from all over the world, the Proctor had decided this was one student we could do without. He was expelled.)


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