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, | Unfiltered | September 10, 2017

(A friend of mine relayed this story to me. My friend is very soft-spoken and non-confrontational. Last Friday, she stopped, as she always does, at a popular donut chain to pick up 2 dozen donuts for her coworkers. Usually, the store is stocked with pre-made dozen boxes. Today there are none, and there is what looks like barely 4 dozen in stock behind the counter. She approaches the cashier.)

My friend: Hi, I wanted to get two dozen assorted donuts?

Cashier: If I have them, sure.

(The cashier goes about filling her order. As she does, more people get in line behind my friend. As she’s working, a customer at the end of the line speaks up.)

Customer: *fixing my friend with a disdainful glare* Lady, you are something f*****g else.

(The whole place goes silent. My friend turns beet red and looks at the floor, not wanting to say something back and give the woman the satisfaction of knowing she affected her. Nobody speaks up. The cashier finishes boxing the donuts.)

Cashier: Anything else?

My friend: A small iced coffee, please, no cream, no sugar.

(The cashier brings her the drink and takes my friend’s card for her payment. Suddenly, the cashier turns nasty.)

Cashier: *sarcastically* I suppose you want a bag, too?

My friend: Yes, please.

(The cashier slams the drawer shut, places my friend’s card and receipt on top of the boxes of donuts, and pushes them toward her without a bag.)

Cashier: Next customer!

(She’ll be contacting corporate both for the cashier’s attitude and her silence about the nasty customer.)