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[i]This story has both bad customers and bad workers (me!).
I work in a shop that sells donated items to raise funds for disaster relief.
We sort out the best items to sell and maintain a neat store. A lot of work goes to making sure everything is top-notch and the prices reflect the quality of the items. Most people appreciate that and often compliment how good an experience it is to shop in our store.
However, some people think our store is a flea market and that they can haggle. Some get downright nasty when the cashier tells them the prices are final. Currently we are rather busy, with both registers in use. A group of difficult customers are causing a scene and my coworker has called a supervisor to help de-escalate the situation.[/i]

Customer#1: I demand you give me a bulk discount! I won’t pay this much for used pants!

Supervisor: Our prices are final, we won’t drop them for anyone, for any reason.

Customer#2: Oh come on! Your prices are crazy high! No other flea market has the same prices as you!

[i]I’ve been listening to this for a while and I guess it has gotten me in a foul mood. An elder couple approaches my till.[/i]

Customer#3: Hello! I’m sure you can give this to me for 5 euros, right?

Me: I’m terribly sorry, sir. Our prices are final and I can’t lower…

[i]At this point I realize the price tag reads 5€. I smile sheepishly at them.[/i]

Me: Oh, looks like you are getting this for 5 euros, sorry about that.

Customer#4: It was a joke, dear.

Me: And it was a good one, ma’am. Sorry about that.

Customer#4: It’s fine, thank you and have a great day!

I was really embarrassed, but on the plus side the experience improved my day and the group from earlier had calmed down, bought their items and left without issue.