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(I am in the customer service area sitting near where a coworker is dealing with an upset guest, whom another coworker who is also sitting near by had dealt with earlier. She is back because apparently told that we would be able to compensate her $5 on a product she purchase not covered by a coupon she had for a similar product even though it would make more sense for her to go back to where she purchased it from, this is after the conversation has been going on a while).

Coworker 1: I’m sorry ma’am but there’s nothing I can do for you, I apologize if they were out of that specific product at that location but since the coupon was not for the product you purchased, I cannot refund the difference.

Customer: It’s not my fault your park ran out of them! If my coupon was not removed from the app then I deserve to use it! I spoke to someone on the phone and they told me you guys would deal with my issue.

Coworker 1: Who did you speak with?

Customer: I don’t know, my phone is dead.

Coworker 1:..Okay but do you know who you spoke with?

Customer: Someone from member services! Call them!

(my coworker does and no one recalls hearing from the customer).

Coworker 1: Ma’am, I don’t know what to tell you, no one there now spoke to you but you probably spoke to someone who has already left for the day, if I can’t verify what was stated to you, there’s absolutely nothing I can do.

Customer: well you need to learn how to customer service better! This is ridiculous! I want your first and last name!

Coworker: You can have my first name ma’am. It’s [name] from customer service.

Customer: (as they’re walking away) Learn how to customer service… you nasty b****.

Me:… So customer service is a verb now?

Coworker 2: And [coworker 1] is a nasty b****.

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