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, | Unfiltered | September 7, 2017

Customer: Could you get me a manager please?

Me: Of course. Is there something wrong?

Customer: Yes, that woman *points at employee* just slapped me.

Me: Slapped you?

Customer: Yes, and it really hurts.

I call a manager and he takes her into his office for a nearly an hour. When they leave, he calls the employee over and fires her on the spot. She’s absolutely distraught and claims she hadn’t even seen the woman. Given how adamant the employee is, I decide to speak the manager.

Me: Maybe you could check the cameras? If she’s certain she hadn’t see the woman, that would definitely prove it.

Manager: I already checked them.

Me: So she did slap her? She lied?

Manager: No, the woman did though. She was in a bad mood after her daughter slapped her, and decided to blame it on [Employee].

Me: Then why did you fire [Employee]?

Manager: Because she slapped a customer.

Me: But you just said she didn’t.

He winks at me and taps his nose before escorting me, by the elbow, out of his office. I’m furious and tell the other staff. Half of us walk out, with a couple of us also handing in resignations.

I lost touch with what happened after that, but I was in the store today, and staff tell me the manager is no longer working there.