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I have just ordered a meal at a fast food restaurant, and my bill comes to $4.15. I have a $5 bill and I do not want a fist full of change, so I offer the cashier a quarter and the five. She looks at me blankly. “That’s too much. I just need the five.”
Me: “Can you just give me the change?”
Cashier: “I can give you change for the five. I don’t need the quarter.”
Me: “I really don’t want all that change, if you don’t mind.”
Cashier: “Uh, I don’t know if I can do that.”
Me. “Just give me a dollar and a dime.”
Cashier: “I’ll have to check with the manager about this. It doesn’t look right.” (Summons the manager.)
Manager: “What’s the problem?”
Me: “The bill is $4.15. I gave the cashier $5.25, but she doesn’t know how to make change for it.”
Manager: “We just need the five. You get 85 cents change.”
Me: “I’d prefer to not have all that change. Just give me a dollar and a dime.”
Manager. “Listen, Bud: We get scammers in here all the time. If you don’t want to pay, I’ll call the cops.”
Me: (Surrenders.) “That won’t be necessary. I’ll just take the change.”
Manager: “Ring him up.” I give the cashier $5, she gives me three quarters and a dime change. I pocket the dime and pull out my quarter.
Me: “Can I get a dollar bill for these 4 quarters?”
Manager: Sure! We can always use the quarters!”

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