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This really isn’t a story about anyone not working. This cashier was actually a peach.

I’d had a pretty crap day and was in a terrible mood. My daughter and I stopped at a convenience store to pick up sandwiches for dinner. I got a drink for the daughter who was not with us and even chips but after paying and watching the clerk bag it all, I realized I’d forgotten to get her a sandwich. Annoyed with my continuing bad day, I grabbed another sandwich for a second transaction.

Clerk: Anything else?

Me: Yes, we’ll take a lottery ticket too. My luck can only improve today.

Clerk: Okay then. That will be $6.66.

He quickly winced.

I handed over $7 and realized what he’d said. I looked at my daughter whose eyes were big. We both burst out laughing.

Daughter: I always knew you were a witch.

The clerk let out a clear sigh.

Clerk: Oh, you’d be surprised at the number of folks who get upset when that total comes up.

Me: I may just have to come in for a sandwich and lottery ticket every day. That was just what I needed. Thanks for the laugh.

I actually felt a whole lot better after that silly little exchange. Sometimes it’s the little things.