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(I work in a bakery attached to a supermarket. I have the traditional caterer’s black and white checked pants but the store’s uniform shirt on. I get some odd looks now and then as I don’t have the plain black pants for the normal uniform. At the end of my shift I’m picking up a few things in the store to buy, and am walking past the registers to the next aisle idly flipping a drink bottle end over end as I walk. A customer with a full trolley is at the register passing their groceries through and flags me down.)

Customer: “Do you work here?”

Me: *giving a confused look* “Yeah, I do!”

Customer: “Oh are you on break?”

Me: “Actually I’ve just finished but did you need a hand with something?”

Customer: “Oh no! That’s alright!”

Me: “Nah I don’t mind, I’m all energetic cause I’ve got the weekend off. What did you need?”

Customer: “I was actually trying to find someone to carry some canned dog food down from the pet food aisle, I couldn’t find anyone before to do it. It’s just 12 tins; they’re on the floor in front of the shelf.”

Me: “Sure I’ll just go grab them for you.”

(I walk down to the pet food isle, spot the cans on the floor, try to pick them up but the box they’re in starts to break. So I stack all 12 up in my arms, CAREFULLY grab my drink bottle and walk back to the register.)

Customer: “Oh thank you so much! They were too heavy for me!”

Me: “Not a problem! However, I will ask one thing.”

Customer: “What’s that?”

Me: “Could you grab them off me? I’ll probably drop them if I try to unload them myself.”

(The customer happily unloads the cans, thanking me profusely, I wish her well and continue on my way. Still not sure why the customer didn’t just put the cans in her trolley at the start.)