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I work for a cleaning service. We get a new client and I’m assigned to clean the house. It’s a gorgeous spring day, so I open all the doors and windows as I’m cleaning and the scent of the garden comes in – lots of jasmine and daphne as well as many other fragrant flowers. By the time I’m finished, the place smells divine. The client arrives back just as I’m finishing, with several shopping bags.

Client: Oh, the house looks lovely. But why are all the windows and doors open?
Me: Just to give it a good airing out, I’m about to close them.
Client: Oh yes? What’s that smell?

I’m non-plussed; has she literally never stopped to smell the flowers in her own garden?

Me: That’s the scent of all your lovely jasmine just under these windows here. Glorious, isn’t it?
Client: Oh, I don’t like that. Close the windows and use this instead!

She pulls from her shopping back a can of air freshener. Jasmine scented.

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